A Diet Plan for Those Longing for Slim Legs Again

Are your legs making you want to curse skinny jeans, mini skirts and shorts?  Having heavy legs can make us look shorter too.  Another thing that we may dread are “cankles“ –  fatty ankles further adding to unpleasant looking legs.  These occur on women just above the average weight range while men don’t get to have those unless they are notably overweight.  That’s totally unfair.  The good news is that your legs don’t have to stay that way forever.  Following a sensible diet plan and participating in regular exercise can help get you there.

So are you dying to have those skinny legs again? You can have those “to die for legs” again in just a couple of months following ordinary but basic guidelines. Well, again it’s just not fair because aside from women’s legs tend to keep more fat on their legs than men do, they can also take advantage of these simple rules. The bright side of the story is that anybody can get those skinny legs now so don’t be left behind.

An Excellent Leg Exercise

There are two things you should keep in mind. First, the extra body fat on your legs must be eliminated. Second, the muscles must be toned and build a lean mass.  Although this may include a diet plan, exercise is an important element of weight loss also.

To lose that extra body fat, you have to burn off more calories than what you acquire. You must start being conscious about what you eat and the calories that go with it. For a quick number reference, just remember that 3,500 calories is equal to one pound of fat. Now don’t try to do things overnight, okay. The healthiest and safest rate to reduce fat is one to two pounds per week. Anything above it is bad, unhealthy and silly!

Toning and strengthening exercises will help you have lean leg muscles. The best slimming combo, according to experts, is cardio exercise and strength training. You will shake off more calories away as burning it can double or triple. You can burn up 700 calories an hour by doing simple chores. How much more if you’re doing a regular and more serious exercise? It need not be too heavy or time consuming. You can do a twenty to thirty minute exercise and training every day. That’s not asking too much, right?

However, if you really like focusing on your legs, try some leg exercises either at home, on the gym or just outdoors. You can go bicycle riding, swimming or jogging. You can also try climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator.  Do the classic leg exercises in your room, the family room, or any part of the house you are comfortable doing these. Leg lifts, lunges and wall sits are all effective for a leg workout. You can start by doing 30 leg lifts for each leg. Back at the gym, you can use the treadmill, stair-climbing machine and cross-trainer to sculpt your legs. You might also want working on your inner and outer thighs, calves and hips. It will add for slender legs, not to mention a healthier physique.

A Perfect Diet Plan

It’s time for a diet plan if you want to achieve your skinny legs in no time. More than anything else, a healthy diet plan is important for any human being because it will keep us away from illnesses and a lot of trouble.

Skip the bad carb, and that is sugar in your diet plan. Sugar induces insulin that makes you feel hungry. Go for low sugar or zero sugar options. For one, there is water; no additives, zero sugar. Erase bad cholesterol from your diet. Trade your saturated fat containing products with fat that is healthy for the heart. Don’t skip the eggs, it’s good cholesterol; and recent studies show that it can actually help lose weight.  Eat dark, green vegetables, fibrous fruits, whole grain bread and pasta. Green tea and calcium are also excellent fat-busters.

With the right exercise and healthy diet plan, skinny legs here we come!