Every Muscle Review

Every Muscle is fitness program designed for those who want to achieve a leaner and firmer muscle – skinny guys as well as those who weigh extra pounds.

Every Muscle is both a weight loss and weight gain program that is designed to achieve the perfect weight so you can work on building your muscles.

The idea here is to break the common mistake of most workout newbies – spending extended hours on the gym.

James Hall, the writer of this eBook, is a professional personal trainer who has worked with various types of clients and has helped them achieve their desired shape.

Among the topics covered are discussions on how you can develop various muscle types, the basics of muscle growth, and the ultimate rule for muscle building.

Safety measures are also included in this eBook – a must-have for newbies to prevent injuries they may incur from working out at the gym.

Aside from the workout routines and fitness regime that you can pattern after, there are also topics on how to eat properly including discussions about snacking and some meal replacements you can try.


1. The Every Muscle eBook contains just about all of the information you need to create firmer muscles and a better-shaped body.

Aside from focusing on your muscles, there are also techniques you can use to enhance your abs and achieve an incredible 6-pack and a firm chest – qualities every man would love to have.

2. The discussions include undergoing tests that can assess your body mass index and basal metabolic rates, making sure that you are performing your entire workout and fitness regime within your bodys capacity.

This will help ensure that you are not overextending yourself – one of the major reasons is causing common gym injuries.

3. Aside from muscle development, discussions about proper nutrition and dietary guidelines are also provided such as meal plans and recipes that will guide you on the proper way to eat.

4. Every Muscle is backed by an 8-week, 100% money back guarantee.


1. A significant amount of self-discipline is required to make this program work.

Unless you are able to choose and stick with a routine, you will never achieve the results that this program claims to produce.


On Every Muscles website, James Hall challenges users that “If youre willing to follow ILL LEAD.”

If you’ve always wanted firmer muscles and felt that you are either too skinny or flabby to achieve just that, then this would be the right program to get you started on the right path.

Hiring a personal trainer to help you out can be quite expensive.

Every Muscle offers the next best thing to having your own personal trainer – a fitness program that will guide you every step of the way.

From providing you with diet and nutritional plan, to helping you choose and follow a workout routine that you can adjust to your own level of fitness, Every Muscle is a reliable program that will teach you how to build up muscles and achieve a more desirable body – something you previously thought only models and professional athletes could have.