GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station

Pull ups or chin ups are some of the most important upper body exercises that you should add to your fitness routine.

Doing different variations of these exercise can give you a total upper body development that would improve your upper back width, waist, biceps and arms.

You really don’t need a sophisticated equipment to do chin ups and pull ups as chin up machines such as GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station can be easily mounted in most doorways– and have a total upper body strength training right in your own homes.

Product Description

The GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station is a multi-use exercise equipment that can easily be mounted in any doorway and has a patent-pending design that elevates you above the level of the door frame, giving you better clearance and more room for motion for a full upper body workout.

Requiring no screws for mounting on any standard doorway, the GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station allows you to have several hand positions at two different elevations, which you can use for with a wide variety of pull ups, chin ups, sit ups, push ups and dips.

For more rigorous training, you can purchase a separate abdominal strap which you can attach to an eyebolt that already comes with the machine.

Product Features

The GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station is designed to fit with any standard-sized 32” to 34” doorway, as long as the door frame is solid and secured.

It can be mounted without the need for screws and it comes with a new raised bar design that will provide users with the required height for a full range of workout motions and routines.

The machine is constructed from durable molded steel with padded handles for various grips.

The package comes with all assembly hardware, assembly, parts, and a laminated exercise flip book. Manufacturer offers a life time warranty for defects but will not cover damages incurred during use or misuse.


The significant number of reviews for the GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station indicate generally satisfied customers, particularly due to the solid and strong design of the equipment that uses bigger and stronger tubes as compared to other equipments available in the market.

The station can easily be mounted in any doorway without any additional equipment or adjustments and is designed not too close to the top of the doorframe, preventing accidental bumps when doing full chin up routines.

Other users are satisfied with the adjustable options the machine offers, allowing them to install the equipment at virtually any door – and immediately have themselves working out on their full upper body exercise routine.


Among the negative feedbacks from users of the GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station include complaints about parts not aligning or the holes were poorly spaced which users have to correct by re-drilling some of the holes.

Other complaints from users are the cap-nuts for the chin-up bars popping off, or eye bolts a little bit too long preventing proper tightening of the parts.

The door frame back-bar was also singled out as bending under load because of its plastic construction. Aside from that, the foam attached to the stability bars is not enough to prevent marks from being left on the door frame.


Aside from the manufacturing tolerance issues users complain about the parts of the GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station, most users are quite satisfied with the equipment considering the low price but great workouts they could get.

Many are satisfied with how easy the equipment can be mounted on any standard door, allowing users to have the full upper body workout they need right in their own homes.