Healthy Choices While Travelling

We all have to travel be it for work, vacation, visiting friends and family or just a random trip somewhere. But does your diet need to suffer just because you cant make meals at home? Absolutely not!

There are many healthy and cost effective meal choices you can make while travelling to stay on top of your diet.

Protein Bars/Protein Shakes

Easy to make, easy to store and can be eaten anywhere

Prepackaged Fruits/Vegetables

if you have access to a cooler, these are superb choices for car rides that are a day or less

Oatmeal packs

Not as cheap as buying in bulk but you can get meals that only require water and a microwave and those are available at most hotels and gas stations

Bottled water

Buy it in bulk at home and bring it with you anywhere, also if you want to hit two birds with one stone you can freeze water bottles and use them to cool your food instead of needing to buy ice.

Pre-made meals

For those of you that do meal prep this is a staple and would just be like any other day for those that dont these are a great alternative for families when travelling and are a lot cheaper than eating at a gas station

What to avoid

Gas Station Fast Food – this is the worst of the worst, that food has been sitting under a heat lamp collecting bacteria all day or even weeks not to mention is very expensive

Energy Drinks

Expensive, make you go to the bathroom often and are full of waste calories

Chips, Soda Pop, Candy Bars, Anything with Trans-Fat

The basic idea is just to think ahead of where you are going, what you will need how much you want to eat and a budget to stay within. By doing this you can easily stay on your diet and within your budget!