Too Much Protein – A Myth

Too much protein is bad for your kidneys

Protein increases your risk of cancer

Protein will make you gain weight faster

I have seen all three of these statements recently and it got me thinking, how many bodybuilders, athletes and fitness junkies eat far over the recommended daily limit of protein for years at a time and see little to no adverse side effects?

Because these statements are either inaccurate, or greatly embellished.

The biggest one that people are worried about is the cancer risk, that is one of my concerns as well. The WHO put red meat on the list of known carcinogens recently and people think that cigarettes and asbestos are just as bad as red meat now. That is not at all the case. The risk factor associated with asbestos and cigarettes is around 30, the risk factor around red meat is 1, both are 30 times more carcinogenic than red meat.

But this is still not all the facts, how you cook it, how you store it, and how you preserve it are all huge factors in that as well.

If you wish to know more here is a great link from Do Processed Meats Cause Caner.

Now lets look at kidney problems, bodybuilders have been consuming massive amounts of protein not just recently but as early as the 1960s and have any of them had major kidney issues No. Point invalid.

Lastly protein will make you gain weight, actually it will do the opposite gram for gram protein will make you burn more than carbs and has less calories than fats, check out my other article The Thermal Effect of Food if you wish to know more about the weight loss benefits of protein.

I have given you the facts you can do with them as you wish, but I personally feel that you cannot overdo protein in a way that can harm your health, but if someone can provide me with concrete evidence and studies of such a case. Send me the details via Email and I will either update this post or make a new one to keep people informed.